HybridGO Innovation Lab

HybridGO Innovation Laboratory

Our way of leaving a tangible legacy on the planet.

At HybridGO, we find in research the perfect vehicle for growth, consolidation and evolution of our project and vision. Our dream, which began almost five years ago, is only lasting thanks to the continuous commitment from our origins to apply the policy of dedicating an important part of our resources to research, development and innovation, obtaining an avant-garde position in this matter guarantees us to continue printing our vision of th world int he streets of our cities.
The results of this persisten, continuous and sustained technology research us palpable in our products, in a plurality of ways that we will try to disengage in this section.
With what behind an aesthetically conservative design, with the elegance of discretion, you can discreetly enjoy a technological wonder equipped wit the most advanced plug-in hybrid technology applied to this type of vehicle, in which nothing you can find is a coincidence:

Our Culture

Our ultimate goal is to bring solutions to the world that can offer a viable solution to urban life and overcongested that is presented to us in the form of an immediate future. For these solutions to be valid, they must not only be conceptualy useful, but they also have ti provide us with better qualitative and perceivable solutions regarding current trasport solution.

Our Method

To achieve that goal, we must think of real solutions, and evolve them day by day. We understand that we have to change the way we move, but our clients must benefit from getting involved in this cause, not just society in the abstract. With this idea we decided to combine our resources to generate something that is not only more sustainable, economic or repectable; but more practical. Better.

Our Results

With this premise in mind is with which we focus on research, and following this criterion we can set as a parameter of validity for the implementation or continuation of the evolution of each of our technological innovations.

Follow us to see our way of understanding a better future.


As a portent and ultimate exponent of innovation, we incessantly the product of our research to the final consumer, always confined to the right balance between avant-garde and usability.

HybridGO Smartbike Display

Application developed for the complete management of the parameters of our electric bicycle from our Smartphone.

Hybrid Drive ECU

Controllers developed to obtain maximum efficiency in hybrid operation mode.

HybridGO Magnesfortia™ Drivetrain

Engines with Magnesfortia™ technology with clutch and developed specifically for hybrid operation.

Hybrid Brake System

A step ahead in technology

The first bicycle in its category to include a standard Hybrid Brake System, hydraulic brakes with mechanical actuation, which can offer all the advantages of both systems, the reliability and safety of the hydraulic brakes with the simplicity of maintenance of the mechanical brakes. Developed and produced exclusively by ZOOM, thanks to the technology and quality controls they have, one of the most advanced in the sector.

Pneumatic Shock Absorber

Featherweight only 200 grams.

We offer the first bike in its category to include a standard Rear Air Suspension, a suspension manufactured by EXA FORM, thanks to the technology applied in the swingarm offer the possibility of having a rigid bike and at the moment of receiving an impact it unlocks automatically, also offering the possibility of regulating the ride comfort.

The innovative Smart-Alarm system exclusive to HybridGO is not only an alarm that we can control from a conventional remote control, but we can also manage it from our mobile through the HybridGO App-Web, it will also notify us on our phone if someone hits, manipulates or tries to take our bike, and if this is not enough integrated: GPS locator, electronic immobilizer and SOS panic button so that in case of emergency you can notify whoever you want to help you.


Our commitment to guarantee a better future for our clients is not only based on values and more sustainable world. Our commitment to active and passive safety is materialized in concrete and multidisciplinary initiatives; from the theft deterrence with our exclusive alarm system, the incorporation of lighting systems in a large part of the range or our multiple active safety measures.

Start/Stop Engine

A step further in security

Instantaneous motor connection and disconnection system developed to offer you maximum safety in maneuvers or compromised situations.


Quality can only be signed by the best. So all the units that come out of our factories are not only full of our self-developed innovations but with inventiveness signed by reference components suppliers in the sector.


The glimmer of quality is projected onto the small details. We strongly invite our clients to dedicate themselves to observing each one of our models. In such unnoticed details as the construction of our quick fasteners or the layout of the wiring of our bicycles, our engineers strive to streamline the daily routines of our buyers.

Quality Controls

Because confidence does not only emanate from words, we entrust various international standardization and quality verification firms that certify the praxis of both the production processes and the final result of the different models or components. All this, apart from the requirements of the different international approvals, and our commitment to legality in compliance with the Eurodirective EN15194.

Production Processes

Since 2016, practically all of our production comes from a recently inaugurated factory equipped with the most advanced technology, with a production capacity of 25.000 units per year, 50.000 square meters of constructed area and subjected to the most demanding quality certifications.