The City

Meant for the city

The HyGO City is the quintessential hybrid solution for urban mobility. The comfort of its driving position along its large wheels configuration, suspension and handlebar design perfectly combines maneuverability with a preferred position on the traffic of the cities.

$ 1.143

(Retail US Dollars Lithium)

HyGO City Lithium
Motor 250 W brushless
Battery 360000mW
Frame structure Fairing steel
ECU HybridSystem EN15194 Potencia Max.500W
Max. Speed Limited to 15,5 Mph
Range 34 M (depending on the use)
Charging Time 4-6 horas
Net Weight 21,6 kg + 2,25 kg battery
Proportions 188X100X66cm
Wheels 26" Double Wall Aluminum Alloy
Max. Load 90 Kg
Brakes (Front / Rear) V-Brake TECKTRO/ Drum
Gearshift SHIMANO 6 Speeds
Saddle Confortable with suspension
Suspensión Front regulable
Conception Urban Tarmac
Accessories included as standard
Mudguards Steel
Carrier Steel Load Max 25kg
Tyres 1.75 Effizient Ebike
Controller 5 Speeds digital
Pedals Plastic
Light Front led /Rear and flashing
Trunk Witch Look
Side leg Steel