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One more year for innovation.

Science and engineering at the service of a brilliant cause

In 2017, the new factory in charge of the production of our Village, Avenue, Track, City, PikesPeak and Town models was inaugurated; endowed with a production capacity of more than 25,000 units per year.

All our bikes are designed to be equipped with rear-wheel drive and thus offer our customers maximum driving safety and our engines have been designed with the most advanced technology to offer maximum efficiency in each of our products, complying with the requirements of European standards EN15194 and manufactured with the most demanding international quality controls ISO9001


Originally planned research that seeks to discover new knowledge and a better understanding in the scientific and technological field. Development


Application of the research results is carried out in the newly inaugurated facilities with a production capacity of more than 25,000 units per year. Innovation


The result of research and applied development generates as a result an innovative product capable of obtaining maximum energy efficiency and being able to obtain greater autonomy.

HybridGO: Why this?

The transportation revolution. Welcome to the new era..

A changing world, always evolving, giving rise to needs where only a short time ago they did not threaten or intend. Mobility is no stranger to this factor, making it the true answer to why HybridGO. The way we move represents a structural part of our daily life. A large number of the actions of our daily life depend on our movements and have an impact on it. We think, we laugh, we talk, we have fun, we regain strength ... all those moments are essential for people and that is why we must focus on an additional factor, perhaps the most indispensable of all: the medium.

Our means of transport classifies us, distinguishes us and talks about us. Each one moves in the way with which it identifies itself, with the vehicle that tells how it is. Our perception of the world, our interpersonal interactions, our commitment as people ... is reflected in how we move. It is for all this that we have thought that perhaps society needed a means of transport committed to the planet, to our environment, to safety and health, don't you think?


What is HybridGO based on.

Behind the projects there are always people, with values ​​that must be reflected in the final result. At HybridGO we knew that we had to do something accessible, committed and capable of revolutionizing. These have been our axes: Efficiency


A good transportation solution had to be able to commit to the environment. All of our vehicles use a hybrid powertrain made up of two highly efficient methods: pedaling and the electric motor. Accessibility


A product to become a solid alternative must be accessible to the public. For this reason, we are committed to a very aggressive pricing policy throughout our range to try to bring a better solution to all homes.


Last but not least. A good vehicle must be useful. For this, the entirety of our range has the EN15194 certificate to avoid any bureaucratic or functional difficulties, just like a simple bicycle.

The Village Plus

Exploring new paths

La HyGO Village Plus is a true technological wonder. We have decided to lead the sector that we have founded and developed during the last years, the All-Fold , to the extreme of the functional, to the most absolute vanguard of the sector. A folding bike, with geometry optimized for use off-road, air suspension kit, multi-surface Michelin tires, hydraulic brakes Shimano , and the cherry on the cake: fully manageable from your mobile device.

Find the most remote and inhospitable corner of the continent that you may want to visit, and wherever finish the road, deploy your Village Plus and break the borders.

See more about HyGO Village Plus

Each hybrid bicycle is one more step towards a healthier and more sustainable planet, that is the soul behind each of our bicycles.

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