The PikesPeak

La All-Fold definitive

The Pikes Peak Hygo commitment to the compromise between flexibility, mobility and efficiency. A bike with a highly studied design, combining light weight with a size optimized wheel, a collapsible structure and one superb driving comfort and practicality to keep some hard to beat levels.

$ 1.498


HyGO PikesPeak Lithium
Motor 250 W brushless
Battery 288000mW
Frame structure Aluminium Alloy Foldable
ECU HybridSystem EN15194 Potencia Max.500W
Max. Speed Limited to 15,5 Mph
Range 34 M (depending on the use)
Charging Time 4-6 horas
Net Weight 18,6 kg + 2,25 kg battery
Proportions 176X110X66cm folding (90X110X40cm.)
Wheels 26" Double Wall Aluminum Alloy
Max. Load 90 Kg
Brakes (Front / Rear) Disc / Disc
Gearshift SHIMANO 6 Speeds
Saddle Confortable with suspension
Suspensión Front and Rear
Conception Mixed circuit
Accessories included as standard
Tyres KENDA mixed
Controller 9 Speeds digital
Pedals Folding
Side leg Aluminum