The Track

Like a feather

Lightness has discovered a new way to travel. For months our engineers have been working on a new model that supliese not only the needs of those traveling comfortable and safe, but also fast and light. With more typical of a conventional folding bike that not a hybrid, the Hygo Track is here to stay

$ 935


HyGO Track Littium
Motor 250 W brushless
Battery 240000mW
Frame structure Aluminium Alloy Foldable
ECU HybridSystem EN15194 Potencia Max.400W
Max. Speed Limited to 15,5 Mph
Range 34 M (depending on the use)
Charging Time 4-6 horas
Net Weight 15,4 kg + 2,5 kg battery
Proportions 160X100X66cm folding (80X80X40cm.)
Wheels 20" Double Wall Aluminum Alloy
Max. Load 90 Kg
Brakes (Front / Rear) V-Brake / V-Brake TECKTRO
Gearshift SHIMANO 6 Speeds
Saddle Folding
Conception Urban Tarmac
Accessories included as standard
Tyres KENDA 1.50 Effizient Ebike
Controller 5 Speeds digital
Pedals Folding
Light Led Rear
Side leg Stell