The Urban

The comfort has never been more urban

Mobility and practicality carried its finest. Undoubtedly, the hybrid bicycle optimized for maneuverability required where space is the common denominator. Its cast frame, disc brakes and three-spoke aluminum wheels are only three short samples of their quality. Moreover, its design, it is designed to be folded so it can be stored wherever you never thought store your bike.

$ 1.150

(Retail US Dollars Lithium)

HyGO Urban Lithium
Motor 250 W brushless
Battery 360000mW
Frame structure Aluminium Alloy Foldable
ECU HybridSystem EN15194 Potencia Max.500W
Max. Speed Limited to 15,5 Mph
Range 34 M (depending on the use)
Charging Time 4-6 horas
Net Weight with lithium battery 23 4 Kg // with gel battery 30.5 kg
Proportions 147X60X102 (95X41X65cm)
Wheels 16"
Max. Load 90 Kg
Brakes (Front / Rear) Disc / Disc
Conception urban tarmac
Accessories included as standard
Mudguards Front and Rear deformable
Carrier Aluminum Load Max 25kg
Tyres Effizient Ebike
Pedals Folding
Easel Steel